Allergens in pokē bowls

Here you can find a complete list of allergens found in our dishes and optional ingredients.

None of our dishes and optional ingredients contain the following allergens: eggs, shellfish, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sulfur dioxide, lupin, mollusks.

How to read the table?

"Yes" means that the product contains the indicated allergen. At your request, we will gladly replace the problematic ingredient with one that does not contain it. The only one that is next to impossible to avoid is soy - a certain amount of it is in all sauces and marinades that we use.

"Topping" and "mayo" means that the indicated allergen is present in an optional ingredient, which we can eliminate or replace with another at your request.

"Rice" means that the indicated allergen is present in the Famous Aroha Rice. To avoid it, just indicate in your order that we prepare pokē on quinoa (free of common allergens) or sushi rice.